Wisconsin’s Green Fire supports our conservation legacy by promoting science-based management of natural resources.

Wisconsin’s Green Fire is a Critical Voice for Science in Conservation

One of our newest members, Russ Feingold, shares his enthusiasm for Wisconsin’s Green Fire and his own work in conservation.  Wisconsin native and former U.S. Senator Feingold serves as an ambassador for the global Campaign for Nature, but his Midwest roots run deep as shown in this testimonial. In this short clip, Russ Feingold talks about ...
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A Message About Justice from Wisconsin's Green Fire

We believe we can speak for all of us at Wisconsin’s Green Fire in stating our shared outrage and sadness over the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement in Minneapolis. The monumental response by citizens in overwhelmingly peaceful protests all over the country and the world has brought into relief, once again, the long and deep patterns of violence, injustice, and inequities that are especially faced by African Americans, Native Americans, and people of color in America.

The legacies of injustice and racism have affected conservation work in ways many of us may never have realized, in part because we may never have seen the people and opportunities that have simply been missing.

As individuals, and as an organization, we’re all challenged today to ask: what do these historic events mean for us, and what do they demand from us?

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upcoming events

April 27th, 2021 at 4:00pm

Living with Wolves in Wisconsin: From Endangered Species to Hunted Game

Location: Online

Gray wolves in Wisconsin have demonstrated tremendous recovery from extirpated species in the 1960s and early 1970s, to a healthy population of about 1200 wolves in 2020. But the controversies that led to the initial extirpation of wolves in the state, have not totally disappeared, and living with a large social carnivore remains challenging. Adrian will discuss the role of various management strategies for co-existence with wolves, including depredation management, hunting and trapping seasons, protection, education, and enlightened policies toward wildlife governance.

Retired from the DNR in 2015, Adrian coordinated the Timber Wolf Alliance since from 2015 to 2017, and today volunteers as the organization’s chair.

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Trees in a forest
April 28th, 2021 at noon

Wisconsin Forests as Climate-Critical Lands

Location: Online

The next event in the Academy's Climate & Energy Series, "Wisconsin Forests as Climate-Critical Lands" features Fred Clark (Executive Director, Wisconsin's Green Fire) and Don Waller (J.T. Curtis Professor of Botany - retired, UW-Madison). Join us online as the two discuss how to leverage nature-based solutions in forests to foster continuous growth for maximum carbon storage and ecological complexity.

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Guides to Oil Pipeline Regulation in Wisconsin

Wisconsin’s Green Fire has partnered with Midwest Environmental Advocates to develop a series of guides to oil pipeline regulation in Wisconsin.

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