Wisconsin's Green Fire

Voices for Conservation

Why We Exist

Once regarded as a national leader in conservation, Wisconsin’s proud tradition of dedicated stewardship of its land, waters, and wildlife has been severely compromised. Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation, now seeks to reclaim that tradition of leadership for a new generation.

Our name, Wisconsin’s Green Fire, seeks to honor and further the life work of conservation leader Aldo Leopold. Our name does not reflect any formal affiliation with the Aldo Leopold Foundation, or the biographical film Green Fire. We do however share a common cause and commitment to the land ethic that Leopold championed, and to the pursuit and understanding of science in service to conservation.

Issue Papers

Comments on 2018 Northern Highland-American Legion (NHAL) State Forest Master Plan Variance

UPDATE: Analysis of amendments to wetlands bills currently in state legislature

Wetland Oversight: Analysis of proposal to remove state regulatory oversight of non-federal wetlands in legislation: AB547 / SB600

Wolf Management Restriction: A policy analysis of Senate Bill 602 and Assembly Bill 712, legislation to limit Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources conservation and management of gray wolves

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