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What would you think of our Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and police and fire departments if their leaders so stained their sworn duties that retirees from those forces felt duty-bound to return to public service at their expense?

Ashamed? Outraged? Scared? Confused?

Yes, all those. But grateful, too. It’s good to know that …

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WI from Space, photo by CIMSS University of Wisconsin

I recently found myself in an end-of-the-workday discussion with a younger colleague about the state of conservation in Wisconsin. In response to recent political developments, she was exasperated and bewildered. “When I was in college in the ‘90s, we looked to the older generation and wondered what there was left for us to do! They’d …

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Photo by Jeff Richter

Intro by James Perry, Ph.D., Campus Executive Officer and Dean Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.

Just how widespread is the concern for what is taking place with respect to the wise management of Wisconsin’s natural resources and our environment? Those who are currently in control of the political landscape would have people believe that it’s a fringe minority …

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