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Wisconsin’s Green Fire opposes latest wolf legislation

Frustration with Congressional inactivity to delist timber wolves in this region from the federal Endangered Species List has led a group of state legislators to propose a bill that would end the state’s efforts to manage wolves. It would force law enforcement to ignore wolf killings, unless the federal government removes the animals from the …

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Conservationists make strong showing in opposition to bill that would eliminate wetland protection

Conservationists packed hearing rooms at the capital in Madison on Thursday and mounted strong opposition to Republican bills that would remove protections from 1 million acres of wetlands in Wisconsin.

“The potential impacts (of the bills) are unacceptable,” said Nels Swenson, a Ducks Unlimited representative, during a joint public hearing on Assembly Bill 547 and Senate …

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WGF Media Statement: Wetland protection is critical for Wisconsin’s wildlife and clean water

The Wisconsin legislature is considering bills that would change the way the state regulates wetlands. Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF), an organization of natural resources professionals, evaluated legislative proposals to reduce state regulatory oversight of wetlands that are not protected under the federal Clean Water Act. Currently, only wetlands connected to lakes and streams – navigable …

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Analysis of proposal to remove state regulatory oversight of non-federal wetlands in legislation: AB547 / SB600

Legislation Description: The following is an excerpt of the analysis of AB547 / SB600 by the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB).

“This bill exempts nonfederal and artificial wetlands from certain Department of Natural Resources wetland permitting requirements and, if the Environmental Protection Agency delegates to the state the authority to administer its own permit program for the …

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WGF Media Statement: Proposed legislation limits Wisconsin DNR’s management of wolves

The Wisconsin legislature is considering bills that will prohibit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from providing essential functions to monitor and manage wolf populations. Wisconsin’s Green Fire, a nonpartisan organization of natural resource professionals, has evaluated both Senate Bill 602 (SB 602) and its companion Assembly Bill 712 (AB 712) in order to provide …

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A policy analysis of Senate Bill 602 and Assembly Bill 712, legislation to limit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources conservation and management of gray wolves

Legislation Description
The following is an excerpt of the analysis of Senate Bill 602 (SB 602) and companion bill Assembly Bill 712 (AB 712) by the Legislative Reference Bureau (LRB).

“This bill makes changes to the laws regulating wolf hunting and the laws authorizing funding for wolf management activities. Under current law, the Department of Natural Resources …

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Conservation champions offer funding challenge

Thanks to so many generous members and donors we were able to meet and exceed our challenge grant! This funding is enabling us to bring on a part-time staff member and set up some crucial infrastructure. With these important pieces in place, we will be able to bring science-based conservation information back to the fore …

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Testimony to Assembly Committee on Natural Resources and Sporting Heritage Regarding AB 712

Good morning and thank you for the opportunity to provide information on Assembly Bill 712. My name is Tom Hauge and I am speaking on behalf of Wisconsin’s Green Fire – Voices for Conservation. Wisconsin Green Fire is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to providing science-based, natural resource management information to Wisconsin’s decision makers. Our …

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