Words of Encouragement

Wisconsin State Capitol. Photo courtesy of the 100th Anniversary State Capitol Commemorative Commission.

In recent weeks, Wisconsin’s Green Fire has received a number of accolades from citizens, other NGOs, journalists, and colleagues thanking us for our work and citing our growing reputation as a source of deep expertise and solid information. These comments show that the hard work of our dedicated volunteers is starting to bear fruit. Paul Heinen’s comments reflect the value we bring to legislative issues.

“Wisconsin’s Green Fire is just getting started and they are already a valued part of the environmental community. Legislators listen closely to them because they have the expertise and experience on so many issues that the legislators want to hear. They explain complex issues and answer questions unlike any other group because they have been the people who have written the laws, run the programs, dealt with the public, and know the issues that Wisconsin is facing.

One of the first things I think about when a new issue comes up now is who can Green Fire ask to make a contact or testify at a hearing. I have watched legislators at hearings and listened to them question Green Fire members and it is obvious that they are glad to have their experts there to answer the tough questions. Thanks for taking time out of your lives when you could be doing many other—probably more enjoyable—things. You are making a difference.”

—Paul Heinen, State Government Relations Director

Wisconsin State Office, The Nature Conservancy

(Retired, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources after 34 years working with the Legislature)

One thought on “Words of Encouragement

  1. Is there a Greenfire committee meeting tomorrow? Time and place? I couldn’t find the email. Thanks. Tom Thoresen 608 669 3554. Thanks


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