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Comment to DNR on Proposed Program Guidance for the Angler Recruitment, Retention, and Reactivation Program

The R3 Program Guidance Document describes a new program to provide matching grants to local governmental, non-governmental, and citizen groups to help them promote sport fishing in Wisconsin. Grants are targeted at groups making innovative efforts to increase angling interest and activity among adults and among people of color. I and WGF applaud the emphasis on adults and people of color.

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Comment to DNR on Deer Quotas and Hunting Seasons

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this action item. Wisconsin’s Green Fire has reviewed the department recommendations for 2018 and offer the following comments for your consideration and action.

Ashland & Price County should have antlerless quotas – We believe the department’s recommendations for modest antlerless deer quotas for Ashland and Price County Deer Management Units is well supported by the herd performance data available for these units. The quotas are targeted to private lands and recognizes the herd growth differences between the farmland and forest regions of these units.

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