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Good Morning Chair Hilgenberg, Secretary Meyer and Members of the Board. I’m here on behalf of Wisconsin’s Green Fire to:

  • thank you for your recent leadership on important Chronic Wasting Disease issues, and
  • to urge you to take further action, and
  • To offer our assistance going forward.

CWD is the greatest threat to Wisconsin’s deer herd, our deer hunting …

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During discussions on the DNR budget at the last Natural Resources Board meeting you referred to new rules regarding the effect of manure on the groundwater in Karst areas of eastern Wisconsin and asked if the proposed budget was adequate to properly implement the changes. The response you received was that the last biennial budget included an additional 4 positions and that the current number of DNR positions working in the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Program was 22. Mention was also made of an “optimal permit to staff ratio”.

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Comments on Wisconsin DNR Bureau of Watershed Management Waterway and Wetland Protection
Draft Guidance
Artificial Wetland Exemptions #3500-2018-01
Nonfederal Wetland Exemptions #3500-2018-02

Thank you for considering our comments on the initial draft of the guidance to implement Act 183 and for the opportunity to discuss the guidance with staff following the public comment period. We recognize the current working …

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To: Members – Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR)

Re: Emergency Rule Suspension

I’m writing to inform committee members that Wisconsin’s Green Fire believes the emergency rules on deer fencing and deer carcass transport are science-based and will help reduce human assisted spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD). Current science demonstrates that once CWD becomes …

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