AboutWisconsin's Green Fire



Wisconsin's Green Fire's mission is to advance science-informed analysis and policy solutions that address Wisconsin’s greatest conservation challenges.


Wisconsin citizens enjoy the benefits of clean water, clean air, and healthy ecosystems achieved through scientific and thoughtful management of natural resources.

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation was founded in 2017 to promote science-based practices and a long-term vision in environmental protection and natural resources management.  Through our strong and growing membership of conservation professionals and committed citizens, Wisconsin’s Green Fire seeks to restore and strengthen Wisconsin's tradition as a national conservation leader. 

Since our founding, Wisconsin’s Green Fire has become a go-to organization providing science-based information to policy makers, state and local agencies, and citizens who care about our conservation tradition and sustaining our natural resources.

Who We Are

Wisconsin's Green Fire is nonpartisan and independent.

Our membership is open to anyone with an interest in protecting our natural resources and sustaining Wisconsin's conservation legacy. Diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and interests are crucial in achieving conservation success, and we strive to represent the diversity of Wisconsin in our membership.

Many of our members are also professionals in the environmental field, representing extensive experience in natural resource management, environmental law and policy, scientific research, and education. Our professional members have backgrounds in government, non-governmental organizations, universities and colleges and the private sector. 

Group photo of about 50 adults from the conservation social event in Appleton, outdoors on paved area near trees and a silo
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How We Work

Connecting the public, media, and legislators to science:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire helps local units of government, nonprofit organizations, media, decision makers, and all Wisconsinites get the scientific information they need to address local and regional issues. We are a source for those seeking expertise to bring scientific clarity and scrutiny to contentious and complicated environmental issues.

Supporting a healthy and protected Wisconsin:
Wisconsin's Green Fire supports long-term science-based thinking in the management of Wisconsin’s natural resources.

Supporting conservation in Wisconsin and beyond:
Wisconsin's Green Fire joins in coalitions with environmental and conservation advocacy groups and other organizations in support of our principles and mission.

Engaging the next generation of conservationists:
Wisconsin's Green Fire builds a bridge from our conservation history to the future through outreach and mentoring to early-career and aspiring conservation professionals and youth in general.