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The Aspiring Conservation Professionals (ACP) Work Group is centered around our audience – emerging conservation professionals. Just as wildlife management, climate change action, and environmental justice are vital to the sustainable future of our state, so too is ensuring that there will be a connected, diverse, and passionate next generation of professionals to carry the torch.

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Beginning in 2024, the Aspiring Conservation Professionals (ACP) Work Group developed an ACP Project Intake Form to connect ACP members with other leaders in Wisconsin's Green Fire, developing and sharing expertise across our Work Groups.

The purpose of this form is for other Work Groups to submit bite size projects for students and other volunteers to assist with and gain experience.

Contact Isabelle Bieser ( with questions!

Aspiring Conservation ProfessionalsWork Group Leaders

Nancy Franz

Nancy Franz

Nick Hahlbeck

Nick Hahlbeck

Isabelle Bieser

Isabelle Bieser


Loretha Jack

Dolly Ledin

Dolly Ledin

Job Resources


We want to connect emerging professionals to job opportunities across Wisconsin!

First, enter your email address in this box to be added to our job announcement list. New job opportunities are often passed around by word-of-mouth, sometimes without being posted online. We’ll email you 1-3 times each month to alert you to these openings so you can take advantage of WGF’s broad professional network.

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Second, check out our job search guide below to help you find handy info sources and good places to monitor for new opportunities. We update the guide as we find new resources or broken links, so check back occasionally for the latest version.



We want to create a program that benefits students and young professionals by connecting them with senior WGF members. The main outcome we seek is that students and young professionals are better equipped for their chosen career paths. Ideally, senior members are also better equipped to fulfill WGF's mission by learning from younger perspectives. A variety of program structures could achieve these outcomes, and the best structure depends on you!

Our own work group member Shyanne Eustace connected with WGF member Clayton Russell back in 2019 (pictured to the left), and they have both benefited from their experience as mentor-mentee. Click here to read their article Membership Mutualism.

Interested in connecting with a mentor? Click the link below to complete a 5-minute survey designed to gauge interest and guide the building of the program.

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Conservation Connections

The ACP Work Group has curated a bi-annual newsletter, Conservation Connections. This newsletter highlights important conservation work across Wisconsin, recent work by WGF and WGF members, and job opportunities and resources in Wisconsin and beyond.

Check out our issue archive:

Fall 2022

Spring 2022

Fall 2021

Spring 2021

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If you are a student working towards a degree or diploma, Wisconsin's Green Fire offers a free student membership! WGF also offers individual and family memberships for non-students. Click below to learn more and sign up for a membership today!

WGF's student chapter at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point began in the fall of 2022, led by WGF student members at UWSP. The student chapter meets monthly to discuss WGF's work across Wisconsin, learn from guest speakers, and connect members with the larger WGF community.

The student chapter meets the first Wednesday of every month, 5:00 - 6:00PM. 


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Instagram: @greenfireuwsp


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