proposedBylaws Changes


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The bylaws of Wisconsin’s Green Fire may be amended only by action of the membership and at the annual membership meetings. The Board of Directors is recommending to the membership the following amendments:

  • Changes the composition of the board to eliminate the provision that only professional member may be board members but also provides the provision that professional members comprise a majority. (Sec. 6.02 and 7.02).
    • Rationale: The board recognizes that the exclusivity of requiring professional members, defined as those who are or have worked in a natural resources or related fields is too restrictive and eliminates the possibility of having those who can add significantly to the work of WGF in areas such as finance, economics, marketing, business, sociology, etc.
  • Increases the size of the board from a maximum of 12 to a maximum of 15. (Sec. 7.02)
    • Rationale: The WGF is an active, working board with each member called on not only to shape policies governing the organization but to actually participate in many administrative tasks such as fundraising, events planning, communication/education efforts, writing papers or testifying at legislative hearings as examples. Increasing the number of board members will increase our capacity to meet the many opportunities and challenges faced by our still young, growing and evolving organization.
  • Changes the way board members and officers are selected, from election by members attending at the annual membership meeting (Sec. 7.08) to selection by the board (Sec. 9.01), and changes language dealing with nominations. (Sec. 9.04).
    • Rationale: Only a relatively small percentage of all WGF members attend the annual meetings, and thus only a minority select the board and its officers. Considerable effort by the board goes into identifying strategic needs and skill sets within the board.  New board members are most often sought out and selected by the existing Directors on other NPOs, identifying those who are good fits and address current needs to make for the best board makeup.
  • Eliminates language that was appropriate for WGF before the first annual membership meeting took place in 2017. (Sec. 7.02)
    • Rationale: The current language is no longer applicable.
  • Changes the manner for replacing board members in case of a vacancy. (Sec. 7.07and 9.02)
    • Rationale: Unanticipated circumstances have arisen in which Directors have needed to step down. With the current provision, there can be a very long period of vacancy. The board desires the flexibility to replace a member in the middle of a term of office when such a vacancy arises.