2018 Annual Meeting


Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s 2018 Annual Membership Meeting: “The Art of Effective Science Communications – Reaching Outside the Echo Chamber”

So many activities, so little time. Our annual meeting was a chance to connect with friends and colleagues, partake in great local food, enjoy a Big Top Chautauqua performance of Wild Woods and Waters, visit and learn through our local field trips.

We explored our meeting theme with our keynote speaker Patty Loew, and panelists. Patty encouraged us to build relationships with groups and individuals to make our communications more effective and gave us welcome insights to reaching out to Native American nations. She stressed that many groups need scientific data and the kind of expertise in Wisconsin’s Green Fire. Our panelists gave us much to think about to improve our communications. In this age of polarization, it serves us all to listen to others, consider cultural understandings, and appreciate that a love for our natural resources crosses cultural and political divides.

On Saturday afternoon, we heard from the work group chairs about current priorities and issues these groups of volunteers are tackling.
See the Fall 2018 Newsletter for highlights.

Photos courtesy Lucy Tyrrell and Jim Perry