Wisconsin’s Green Fire
Art and Writing Submission Guidelines  

Thank you for your interest in sharing your art and writing with Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF).

We define “art” broadly here, and welcome your photography, illustrations, paintings, poems, short essays, video clips, audio, etc.  

We want to celebrate the creative talents of the WGF community and beyond. We recognize how art can explore issues, reach our hearts, and celebrate our human relationships to the natural world. 

Our intent is to use the creative works submitted to us (with credit to their creators) in our newsletters, social media, website, and other uses. Because WGF has a Wisconsin focus, work with a strong relationship to Wisconsin or that highlights broader issues that affect the state, will be the best fit for us.  

We welcome submissions on a rolling basis throughout the year. There is no specific submissions deadline. 

Please review the information below and submit your work via the submissions form at the bottom of this page.

WGF logo
Yellow-billed Cuckoo with worm and leafy backgroun
Yellow-billed Cuckoo by Robert Rolley

Eligibility and Themes 

  1. Membership in Wisconsin’s Green Fire is not required for submitting your work. We ask that you consider becoming a member so we can continue to develop solutions to Wisconsin's greatest conservation challenges.
  2. The work should be relevant to Wisconsin, though that connection does not need to be explicitly stated in the work.
    1. Being a Wisconsin resident is not required.
    2. Photos and videos should depict Wisconsin.  
  3. The work should be thematically focused on nature and conservation.
    1. We are looking for rural and urban landscapes across the seasons, people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying the outdoors, wildlife, flora, depictions of environmental issues, and more!
    2. We want work depicting the diversity of Wisconsin’s lands, waters, and communities. 
  4. The work must be G-rated, meaning suitable for all ages and audiences.  
  5. No artificial intelligence (AI) generated work.  


  1. WGF reserves the right to use an electronic or print copy of any submissions for non-commercial, educational, or promotional use with credit to the creator of the work. For example, works may be used in WGF displays, podcasts, publications, slide shows, social media, videos, webpages, etc.
  2. By sending us your work, you are indicating your consent for WGF to use the work as stated above, that you are the original creator of the work, and that you have permission to share it with us (including the consent of identifiable people in the work). The creator of the work retains the copyright.  
  3. Previously published work is allowed. Cite any prior publisher or other required acknowledgements in the submissions form. 
  4. Sending us your work does not guarantee we will use it. Please contact us at info@wigreenfire.org if you wish to withdraw your work from our consideration.  

Submissions Guidelines  

  1. All works must be submitted electronically.
    1. Multiple files may be submitted simultaneously, but each work must be in its own file. We do not currently accept any physical media submissions. 
    2. Submit all work via the submissions form 
  2. File names for submissions must follow this format: 
    1. For photos and videos: “TitleOfWork_Location_Year_FirstnameLastname” 
      1. Location refers to the place depicted in the photo or video.  
    2. For other artwork: “TitleOfWork_Medium_Year_FirstnameLastname” 
      1. Medium refers to the type of work (ex: acrylic, watercolor). 
    3. For writing: “TitleOfWork_Form_Year_FirstnameLastname” 
      1. Form refers to the type of work (ex: poem, essay). 
  3. Enter the relevant contact information in the form.
    1. We ask for your name, email address, and phone number. This information will not be shared.
  4. All images (photographs and images of other media) must be high resolution
    1. Minimum file size for images is 2MB.
    2. Maximum file size for images is 20 MB).
    3. Edited photos are welcome. 
  5. Videos and audio files should be less than three minutes in length.  
    1. Submit MP4 files for video and MP3 or WAV files for audio.
  6. Written works should include the writer’s name and the title of the work on each page.  
    1. Poems should be less than 20 lines maximum (shorter poems preferred).  
    2. For prose, we are seeking very short creative non-fiction or flash fiction of up to 200 words. 

Link to submissions form:



Thank you for sharing your creative work with Wisconsin’s Green Fire! 

Contact us with questions.