Earth Day Reflections

  A year ago, on Earth Day 2017, we announced ourselves as a new organization – Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voice’s for Conservation. A group of mostly retired natural resources professionals and supporters, we are passionate about the conservation legacy of Wisconsin and want to help carry it into the future. Many fine conservation organizations in … More Earth Day Reflections

Words of Encouragement

In recent weeks, Wisconsin’s Green Fire has received a number of accolades from citizens, other NGOs, journalists, and colleagues thanking us for our work and citing our growing reputation as a source of deep expertise and solid information. These comments show that the hard work of our dedicated volunteers is starting to bear fruit. Paul … More Words of Encouragement

New legislation helps controversial sand-mining

In May 2017, the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) granted a permit to Meteor Timber in Monroe County to fill 16.25 acres of wetlands, including 13.37 acres of white pine – red maple swamp, a very rare wetland type remaining in Wisconsin. The purpose was to construct a frac sand plant and rail transfer … More New legislation helps controversial sand-mining

Problems with removing wetland protections

Wisconsin’s Green Fire analyzed recent amendments to Senate Bill 600 and Assembly Bill 547, the legislative proposals to reduce state oversight of wetlands that are not protected under the federal Clean Water Act. See our analysis and February 11, 2018 press release. Wetlands grace our landscape in Wisconsin. But, over our history, we have lost … More Problems with removing wetland protections

Evolving Science: Extreme Winter Cold and Arctic Warming

By: Dr. Michael Meyer “Climate skeptics” often point to episodic extreme winter weather, such as the 2017/2018 polar outbreak, as evidence that climate change science is incorrect. If one were to delve into the topic a bit further, it becomes apparent that this recent cold spell could be consistent with evolving climate change theory. A … More Evolving Science: Extreme Winter Cold and Arctic Warming

Conservation champions offer funding challenge

Thanks to so many generous members and donors we were able to meet and exceed our challenge grant! This funding is enabling us to bring on a part-time staff member and set up some crucial infrastructure. With these important pieces in place, we will be able to bring science-based conservation information back to the fore … More Conservation champions offer funding challenge

Reclaiming Wisconsin’s legacy of conservation leadership

By Curt Meine I recently found myself in an end-of-the-workday discussion with a younger colleague about the state of conservation in Wisconsin. In response to recent political developments, she was exasperated and bewildered. “When I was in college in the ‘90s, we looked to the older generation and wondered what there was left for us … More Reclaiming Wisconsin’s legacy of conservation leadership

Concern for Wisconsin environment more broad than you might think

Intro by James Perry, Ph.D., Campus Executive Officer and Dean Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley. Just how widespread is the concern for what is taking place with respect to the wise management of Wisconsin’s natural resources and our environment? Those who are currently in control of the political landscape would have people believe that it’s a fringe … More Concern for Wisconsin environment more broad than you might think