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The COVID-19 pandemic, the associated economic downturn, and a heightened awareness of racial and environmental justice have brought new challenges and new opportunities to conservation work in Wisconsin. Our panel of legislative and agency leaders discusses some of today’s biggest trends and what we can expect in 2021 and beyond. This insightful conservation helps us …

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2019 Annual Meeting Photo

The legacies of injustice and racism have affected our work in conservation in ways many of us may never have realized, in part because we may never have seen the people and opportunities that have simply been missing.

Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s founders recognized environmental justice as an essential tenet. Our founding principles assert our belief in the rights of all groups of people to a clean and healthy environment and to outdoor recreation. Our early years have been full of our best intentions, but now we must examine how we can truly align our efforts for the critical aspiration of inclusion and justice. How can we do better?  

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