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Rob Lee, Midwest Environmental Advocates, together with Nancy Larson and Tom Jerow of Wisconsin’s Green Fire, discuss regulations that pertain to oil pipelines in Wisconsin. The two organizations have developed a series of guides available at    https://wigreenfire.org/guides-to-oil-pipeline-regulation-in-Wisconsin/


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WGF members and career biologists Karen Mesmer and Robert Rolley describe their recent adventure to the Falklands, South Georgia Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula as they kayak among whales, icebergs, and more penguins than Karen could count.


Robert and Karen provided these links to their Youtube videos to show more of their trip.




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While Wisconsin has among the finest freshwater resources in North America, an increasingly large number of Wisconsin communities, homes, schools, and businesses find their water sources unsafe to drink. The water crisis in Flint, Michigan was a wake-up call about the hazards of water supplies we once assumed would always be safe. The total scope of the water quality crisis in Wisconsin today is much larger however than one community or one region. Wisconsin needs a drinking water solution equal to the magnitude of the problem. This paper lays out elements of that solution.

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