Information about the relationship between agriculture and water quality, based on current science. WGF’s Cropland Management and Water Quality Team has developed several presentations, analyses, testimony, and comments to state government on this topic. Team members are volunteers with expertise in water quality, public health, and agricultural conservation.

Executive Summary of Wisconsin’s Green Fire Analysis

2019 Senate Bill 91 would create a clearinghouse for sale and purchase of water pollution credits between water pollution sources. Although water pollution credit trading is a provision in current federal and state law to help achieve pollutant reductions, the use of trading in Wisconsin has been limited.

This bill …

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During discussions on the DNR budget at the last Natural Resources Board meeting you referred to new rules regarding the effect of manure on the groundwater in Karst areas of eastern Wisconsin and asked if the proposed budget was adequate to properly implement the changes. The response you received was that the last biennial budget included an additional 4 positions and that the current number of DNR positions working in the Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) Program was 22. Mention was also made of an “optimal permit to staff ratio”.

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