WGF analyses and statements on broad policy about science in natural resource management, as well as legislation and actions with wide-ranging policy implications for Wisconsin’s environment.

Wetlands and Waterways in Wisconsin: Navigating Changes to the Federal Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule – Wisconsin’s Green Fire Opportunities Now 2021-2023 Report

Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) new report explains the history of the Clean Water Act and the frequent changes to the definition of “Waters of the United States”, which is critical to interpreting and implementing meaningful protections under the law. The report examines the intersection and overlap between federal and state water protection authority; explains the increasingly important functions, environmental benefits, and ecosystem services provided by wetlands, especially in light of the impacts being experienced as a result of climate change; and concludes with recommendations for policy and actions at the federal and state level that will help assure consistent and effective protections for wetlands and the many invaluable benefits they provide.

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Conservation Policy in the Biden / Harris Administration Feb 10, 2021 Webinar

President Joe Biden and his team are moving quickly to implement an historic conservation agenda with a strong focus on climate change, environmental justice, and land conservation. Collin O’Mara, President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation, joins us for this special program to outline the Biden/Harris administration’s agenda, with a particular focus on what it means for Wisconsin and our region. Wisconsin conservationist Kathleen Falk moderates the conversation and fields questions from participants. This program is hosted jointly by Wisconsin’s Green Fire and the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation.

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How an Idea Becomes a Law

As Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s (WGF) Legislative Liaison, I monitor legislative activity and watch for opportunities for WGF to provide information through testimony and comments. Unlike many environmental and conservation organizations, WGF does not actually lobby for law changes. Instead our role is to provide information to legislators and the public about proposed legislation based on …

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WGF Media Statement: Wisconsin’s Green Fire Applauds Selection of Preston Cole as DNR Secretary

Madison, WI – Wisconsin’s Green Fire is encouraged by Governor-Elect Evers’ selection of Preston Cole as the Secretary of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR). Preston Cole comes to the position of DNR Secretary with extensive experience in natural resources management and a deep knowledge of conservation issues facing Wisconsin. Mr. Cole has a …

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WGF Media Statement: Legislation Will Hurt State Agency Performance and Increase Costs

Statement on Extraordinary Session Senate Substitute Amendment 1 to SB 884 Legislation Will Hurt State Agency Performance and Increase Costs

Madison, WI – Provisions in Senate Bill 884 (SB 884) would significantly impact the work of executive agencies throughout state government. Wisconsin’s Green Fire, an organization comprised of many former and active state employees, understands …

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Business-backed law would put environmental regulations more firmly in Legislature’s hands

In Gov. Scott Walker’s final weeks in office, the state business lobby is trying to enact measures Republican lawmakers failed to pass previously that would place more authority for environmental protections under direct control of the Legislature.

Critics said new legal standards for certain paperwork could within six months jeopardize programs that enhance fishing, hunting, natural …

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire Media Statement on AB 1070

Proposed Legislation Will Increase Workload and Costs and Hurt Performance for State Agencies

Madison, WI – Extraordinary Session Bill AB 1070 contains provisions that will significantly constrain the work of executive agencies throughout state government. As an organization comprised of many former and active state employees, Wisconsin’s Green Fire understands that some of these provisions, if …

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