WGF analyses and statements on broad policy about science in natural resource management, as well as legislation and actions with wide-ranging policy implications for Wisconsin’s environment.

WGF Co-Sponsors Public Rights in Milwaukee’s Fresh Coast Webinar

Wisconsin’s Green Fire co-sponsored a webinar on January 19th with the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Center for Water Policy and the State Bar of Wisconsin, featuring six expert panelists who offered diverse perspectives on the public trust doctrine and how it influences Milwaukee’s Fresh Coast. Often overlooked, much of the city’s coastline and riverfronts …

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WGF and Partners Submit Letter to CEQ on Enbridge Line 5 Environmental Impact Review

Timber mat and construction equipment

The White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) works to ensure consistent application of federal administration environmental policies and priorities across federal agencies. In its hiring announcement for the current chair of the CEQ, Brenda Mallory, the Biden Administration cited climate change and environmental justice (EJ) as two top priorities for the …

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WGF Featured in Interview about Proposed Sandhill Crane Hunting Bill

Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s Executive Director Fred Clark was recently interviewed by WUWM about WGF’s testimony on a proposed sandhill crane hunting bill in Wisconsin, presented to the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Small Business, and Rural Issues last week. Fred emphasized that WGF did not take a formal stance on the …

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WGF Provides Testimony on Sandhill Crane Hunting Bill, Senate Bill 620

Wisconsin’s Green Fire will provide testimony at a public hearing on Tuesday, October 19th about Senate Bill 620, a recent bill regarding hunting sandhill cranes in Wisconsin. WGF members Dr. Robert Rolley, Dr. Stanley Temple, and Tom Hauge contributed to this testimony that encourages consideration of the …

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire Releases Statement on August 11, 2021 Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Action on Fall Wolf Hunt Quota

On August 11, 2021, the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board (NRB) voted 5-2 to establish a quota of 300 wolves for the fall 2021 wolf hunt.

The removal of 300 wolves again this fall, on top of the removal of at least 218 wolves during the three-day February wolf hunt, could result in a population of as …

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire and Partners Call for Removal of Natural Resources Board Chair

July 23, 2021


WGF and partners released a statement this week calling on Attorney General Josh Kaul to remove Frederick Prehn from the NRB. View the statement here:

WGF and Partners Call for Removal of NRB Chair


Contact:  Wisconsin’s Green Fire Executive Director, Fred Clark


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Protecting Wisconsin’s Pollinators: Wisconsin’s Green Fire Supports New Pollinator Protection Package

On Wednesday, January 13th, 2021 at 10 AM there was an in-person joint informational hearing with the Senate Committee on Sporting Heritage, Small Business and Rural Issues, and Assembly Committee on Sporting Heritage. This hearing was convened to discuss the process of reinstating the wolf harvesting season in 2021. Wisconsin’s Green Fire has been following this issue closely and has provided written testimony to the committees that reflect our recommendations recently published Opportunities Now paper on wolves.

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Meeting Wisconsin’s Deer Conservation Challenges – Wisconsin’s Green Fire Opportunities Now July 2021 Report

In our new report, Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) examines several threats and trends that, taken together, are affecting the future of Wisconsin’s white-tailed deer herd. The report discusses the threats Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) poses to deer and human health; explains the ecological effects of high deer densities on forest habitat quality; discusses the lack of antlerless deer harvests and reduced hunter numbers in Wisconsin; and concludes with recommendations for policy and actions on the state and local levels to ensure the health and safety of Wisconsin’s deer and their habitat.

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire Statement on Natural Resources Board Service of Dr. Frederick Prehn

June 23rd, 2021


Wisconsin’s Green Fire Statement on Natural Resources Board Service of Dr. Frederick Prehn


Since his appointment in 2015 Dr. Prehn has served the Wisconsin Natural Resources Board with commitment and distinction, and he has provided strong leadership for the Department of Natural Resources and its many stakeholders.

However, as documented in his original …

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Wetlands and Waterways in Wisconsin: Navigating Changes to the Federal Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule – Wisconsin’s Green Fire Opportunities Now 2021-2023 Report

Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) new report explains the history of the Clean Water Act and the frequent changes to the definition of “Waters of the United States”, which is critical to interpreting and implementing meaningful protections under the law. The report examines the intersection and overlap between federal and state water protection authority; explains the increasingly important functions, environmental benefits, and ecosystem services provided by wetlands, especially in light of the impacts being experienced as a result of climate change; and concludes with recommendations for policy and actions at the federal and state level that will help assure consistent and effective protections for wetlands and the many invaluable benefits they provide.

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