Public Lands & Forestry

Public lands and forest land management, funding, habitat, and planning for the future. WGF’s analyses and educational materials are developed by the Public Lands and Forestry Work Group.

Northern Wisconsin Naturalist, John Bates, discusses the ecological history and human history of northern Wisconsin forests. He describes remaining old growth forests in the upper Midwest and their values. John’s talk is based in part on his recent book “Our Living Ancestors: The History and Ecology of Old Growth Forests in Wisconsin and Where to …

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Yoyi Steele
Program & Policy Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Madison, WI  53707

RE:  Comments on the Northeast Sands Regional Master Plan

August 12, 2019

Dear Ms. Steele,

Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation (WGF) supports the conservation legacy of Wisconsin by promoting science-based management of its natural resources. Our members have extensive experience in natural resource management, environmental law and …

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Thank you for your recent phone conversation. You helped answer questions about the 2018 Draft NHAL State Forest Master Plan Variance. It was hard to follow how the 2017 Master Plan amendment related to this 2018 variance proposal and you were very helpful in helping us understand the intent of the 2018 draft variance.

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We recognize that producing a statewide forest assessment that covers such a wide range of issues is
challenging, and there is a wealth of valuable information and insights on Wisconsin forests throughout
the document. Despite the good start, there are important considerations that we believe need to be
better addressed in this assessment, and other issues for which the limited information provided may
lead to incorrect interpretations or inappropriate selection of strategies.

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