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A Poem to Honor Clean Air: Xeonobia Diaz

blue sky and clouds

In this blog post, we celebrate a young conservation-minded poet, Xeonobia Diaz. Her poem, “I am your Sister…your Caretaker” won first place in the DNR’s 2024 Air, Air, Everywhere Poetry Contest. Congratulations Xeonobia!

Written by Nancy Larson.

Meet the poet and her teacher:

Xeonobia Diaz, poet and student

Xeonobia Diaz is a talented student at Samuel …

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Information for WI Voters – August 13 Partisan Primary

Mix of Sun and Clouds, Perch Lake, Chequamegon National Forest

August 2024 Partisan Primary Constitutional Amendments:
Adding Obstacles to the Allocation of Federal Monies

Madison skyline from Lake Mendota. Credit: Michael Cain

As we head into the summer of 2024, much of the current political and media attention is focused on the November election and its impact on the future of our country. First, however, …

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WGF Submits Comments on Vista Sands Solar Farm DEIS

Photovoltaic panels, Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Wisconsin’s Green Fire sends comment letter to the Public Service Commission (PSC).

We submitted our organizational comment letter on PSC Docket Number 9820-CE-100 on June 14, 2024. In this letter, experts from our Climate and Energy, Fisheries, and Wildlife Work Groups collaborated to provide a detailed set of comments on the 147-page Draft Environmental Impact …

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PFAS Update: Status of the $125M in “PFAS Trust Fund”

Madison, Wisconsin, Buildings image. Free for use, via Pixabay.

PFAS Update: Status of the $125M in “PFAS Trust Fund”

At Wisconsin’s Green Fire, our Contaminants of Emerging Concern Work Group continues working to advance a science-based approach for managing PFAS in Wisconsin waters, soils, and communities. In this blog post, we’re summarizing some of the recent state-level matters on funding for communities to treat PFAS …

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Phase 2: Illegal Deaths and Injuries to WI’s Large Wild Birds

two adult bald eagles in a tree

Bald Eagles by Veronika Andrews via Pixabay

Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) experts are working to protect wildlife and support wildlife rehabilitators.

We need help from the WGF community and beyond to continue Phase 2 of this important project! Will you support us?

Earlier this month, Wisconsin Public Radio reported on an ongoing project of our …

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The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin: Now Back in Print!

For too long, The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin was out of print.

Not anymore! Wisconsin’s Green Fire has succeeded in reviving The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin as a paperback series. Chapters are available for purchase from Amazon! 

Click here for more information and chapter links.

The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin provides a compendium of ecological, social, and economic information about Wisconsin’s 16 …

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We’re Hiring! Philanthropy and Membership Coordinator

Philanthropy and Membership Coordinator

We’re hiring a Philanthropy and Membership Coordinator!

  • Are you skilled in fundraising, managing grants, and coordinating with donors?
  • Do you want to work for a highly collaborative remote-based nonprofit?
  • Are you interested in our mission to advance science-based conservation and natural resource management in Wisconsin?

If yes, join our team …

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Wake Boats and Lakes: Updated Report from Wisconsin’s Green Fire

illustration of a pink and blue wake boat on a blue and gray wave

Publication Update!

The Effects of Wake Boats on Lake Ecosystem Health: A Literature Review, May 2024

May 2024 update to our special report: “The Effects of Wake Boats on Lake Ecosystem Health: A Literature Review.”

Over the past two months, our team has been updating our literature review on wake boats and lakes. We …

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