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Promoting Science-Based Management of Wisconsin's Natural Resources

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WGF evaluation and reports on state and federal actions and funding affecting wildlife management in Wisconsin, developed by WGF’s Wildlife Work Group.

Comments to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service on Proposal to Remove the Gray Wolf from the Endangered Species List

Wisconsin’s Green Fire Comments to the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service on Proposal to Remove the Gray Wolf (Canis lupus) from the List of Endangered and Threatened Wildlife, Federal Register 84 (51):9648-9687 (Docket No. FWS-HQ-ES-2018-0097)

Thank you for the opportunity to offer comments on the draft gray wolf delisting rule. Wisconsin’sGreen Fire is a nonpartisan and …

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WGF Comments to DNR on Draft Black Bear Plan

To: Dr. Scott Walter, WDNR Large Carnivore Specialist

Subject: Wisconsin Green Fire Review of Draft Black Bear Management Plan, 2019 -2029

Thank you for the opportunity to offer our comments on the draft black bear management plan. Our wildlife work group membership has extensive experience in the conservation of this species and are very interested in helping …

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WGF Testimony to NRB on CWD

Good Morning Chair Hilgenberg, Secretary Meyer and Members of the Board. I’m here on behalf of Wisconsin’s Green Fire to:

  • thank you for your recent leadership on important Chronic Wasting Disease issues, and
  • to urge you to take further action, and
  • To offer our assistance going forward.

CWD is the greatest threat to Wisconsin’s deer herd, our deer hunting …

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WGF Testimony to JCRAR on CWD Emergency Rules

To: Members – Joint Committee on Review of Administrative Rules (JCRAR)

Re: Emergency Rule Suspension

I’m writing to inform committee members that Wisconsin’s Green Fire believes the emergency rules on deer fencing and deer carcass transport are science-based and will help reduce human assisted spread of chronic wasting disease (CWD). Current science demonstrates that once CWD becomes …

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WGF Letter to NRB on Ruffed Grouse season

To: Scott Karel, Regulations Specialist
Bureau of Wildlife Management
101 S. Webster Street
Madison WI 53707-7921

Re: 2018-19 Ruffed Grouse Hunting Season Closure

We appreciate the concern expressed by the Natural Resources Board (NRB), Conservation Congress and citizenry regarding the status of Wisconsin’s ruffed grouse populations and whether West Nile Virus (WNV) is a significant threat that requires a modification …

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Comment to DNR on Deer Quotas and Hunting Seasons

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on this action item. Wisconsin’s Green Fire has reviewed the department recommendations for 2018 and offer the following comments for your consideration and action.

Ashland & Price County should have antlerless quotas – We believe the department’s recommendations for modest antlerless deer quotas for Ashland and Price County Deer Management Units is well supported by the herd performance data available for these units. The quotas are targeted to private lands and recognizes the herd growth differences between the farmland and forest regions of these units.

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Wisconsin’s Green Fire opposes latest wolf legislation

Frustration with Congressional inactivity to delist timber wolves in this region from the federal Endangered Species List has led a group of state legislators to propose a bill that would end the state’s efforts to manage wolves. It would force law enforcement to ignore wolf killings, unless the federal government removes the animals from the …

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WGF Media Statement: Proposed legislation limits Wisconsin DNR’s management of wolves

The Wisconsin legislature is considering bills that will prohibit Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) from providing essential functions to monitor and manage wolf populations. Wisconsin’s Green Fire, a nonpartisan organization of natural resource professionals, has evaluated both Senate Bill 602 (SB 602) and its companion Assembly Bill 712 (AB 712) in order to provide …

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