Concern for Wisconsin environment more broad than you might think

John Gurda/MJSWI Green Fire, August 10, 2017

Photo by Jeff Richter

Intro by James Perry, Ph.D., Campus Executive Officer and Dean Emeritus, University of Wisconsin-Fox Valley.

Just how widespread is the concern for what is taking place with respect to the wise management of Wisconsin’s natural resources and our environment? Those who are currently in control of the political landscape would have people believe that it’s a fringe minority waving the red flags. But that is simply not the case.

We have a tendency to think that those living and working in our most population-dense cities are concerned for “city things.” But as Milwaukee historian John Gurda has pointed out in a recent Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel article, the issues about to be addressed by Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation are anything but those of the minority or rural dwellers. I encourage everyone to spend a few minutes reading, and then thinking long and hard about what Gurda says, and what each of us can do about it.

Read Gurda’s article here: Yet one more attack on Wisconsin’s environmental ethic

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