Earth Day at 50: Hoping for a Better Year

Calli Roers, WI Green Fire, May 15, 2020

Earth Day—  the day each year where I get to share my love for the environment with everyone I know. Many people (including myself) don’t always have the environment at the forefront of their minds as they walk through life. Earth Day is the day where everyone takes a moment to appreciate nature and do something that will help our planet. Of course, our plans were ruined by COVID-19, but this year the AP Environmental Science teacher at my school was able to organize a daylong Earth Day celebration. We were planning to bring in speakers from wildlife foundations, nature centers, and protection agencies for the morning. The afternoon was supposed to be break-out sessions where students could elect to go on different adventures ranging from pollution clean up to garden planting. I am saddened that these plans could not be carried out for this year, however, I have faith that this teacher will be able to organize something similarly grand for next year. Earth Day is the one day each year where EVERYONE acknowledges the importance of our natural world and rekindles their connection to the outside world. Seeing individuals reconnect with our planet gives me hope for the future and I am always looking forward to the next Earth Day!


Calli Roers is a dual enrollment student between Reedsburg Area High School and UW Platteville Baraboo Sauk County. She has attended camps, conferences, and schools to become educated on environmental issues and is very active in her community. She looks forward to a career rooted in the medical and therapeutic fields, and to advocate for our planet. Calli is a student member of Wisconsin’s Green Fire.

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