Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin


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A Guidebook to Wisconsin's Ecological Landscapes

The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin provides a compendium of ecological, social, and economic information about Wisconsin's 16 distinct ecological landscapes. Land and water conservation planners, property managers, natural resources administrators, researchers, educators, and private landowners now have a comprehensive reference to help identify, prioritize, and sustain Wisconsin's ecological resources.

Digital PDF versions of the chapters are available through the Department of Natural Resources. Visit Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin | Wisconsin DNR to view the contents online or download the chapters.

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ecologial landscapes of WI

Part 1 - Background and Statewide Assessments

Part 2 - Ecological Landscapes Assessments

Part 3 - Supporting Materials

Includes Appendices A - H, Glossary, Recommended Readings and References, About the Authors, Contributors, and Acknowledgements

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