Four New Natural Resources Board Appointees and the Wolf Rule Get a Capitol Hearing

WI Green Fire, December 26, 2023

by Paul Heinen, WGF Policy Director

After the last four Natural Resources Board (NRB) appointees were rejected by the State Senate in September 2023, Governor Evers immediately appointed four new members, including two who are Wisconsin’s Green Fire members.  Todd Ambs and Robin Schmidt, both long standing Wisconsin’s Green Fire members, joined Patty Schachtner and Douglas Cox on the NRB. Because there were four vacancies on the NRB, they are all now currently serving and will serve until their terms end or they are rejected.

Like all Board members for State Commissions and Boards, they must appear before a Senate Committee at an official hearing.  In this case it was the Senate Committee on Financial Institutions and Sporting Heritage on December 19th, 2023. All four members gave testimony on their credentials for being on the NRB and, like the four who were rejected earlier this fall, the new appointees all have superior experience and background.  No votes were taken at this hearing.  There will be a vote on each of them in the near future.

At the same hearing, the committee heard the wolf rule that passed the NRB at its October meeting. Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s Adrian Wydeven provided strong, science-based testimony in support of the rule.  The Governor’s office sent an e-mail thanking Wisconsin’s Green Fire for our continued support. The wolf rule would become effective if and when the U. S. Congress or the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service delists wolves from the Federal Endangered Species List and allows state to manage their populations. No vote was taken on the rule.

NRB member Todd Ambs sits at wooden desk before Senate Committee, screen in background

Todd Ambs, NRB member

NRB member Robin Schmidt sits at wooden desk before Senate Committee, screen in background

Robin Schmidt, NRB member

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