The urgent need to respond to our changing climate – whether reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere and mitigating impacts of global warming, or adapting to extreme weather events we’re already experiencing – should be discussed and debated in terms of the other significant benefits those actions will achieve.
Trumpeting such co-benefits, from improved public health to a cleaner and sustainable environment, could boost public support for climate change responses and increase the chances those steps will be taken by the state and local governments, as well as businesses and property owners.
Those were among the views expressed by participants at a Jan. 15 briefing on the Climate Fast Forward report released by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts & Letters.

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Climate change is part of our daily lives: Wisconsin is warmer and wetter than in the past and its residents are experiencing more frequent extreme storms that cause flooding, damage roads and destroy forests.

Responding to Wisconsin’s changing climate would become a public policy priority through a package of legislative proposals, known as Forward on Climate, …

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Wisconsin has a proud tradition of hunting, especially for white-tailed deer. Wisconsin DNR is responsible for managing deer populations across the state. The appearance of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) threatens both herd health and the hunting tradition as we know it.

While the area of Wisconsin where CWD is considered endemic is growing, most of our state …

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On November 26, 2019 Wisconsin’s Green Fire provided comments to the US Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service Commission on the final federal Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) for the Cardinal-Hickory Creek (CHC) high voltage transmission line (hvtl).

The American Transmission Company (ATC), International Transmission Company, ITC Holdings, and Dairyland Power Cooperative, have proposed construction of the …

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August 26, 2019

To: Alaina Gerrits, WDNR Assistant Upland Wildlife Ecologist

Subject: Wisconsin’s Green Fire Review of Draft Ruffed Grouse Management Plan, 2020 -2030

Thank you for the opportunity to offer our comments on the draft ruffed grouse management plan. Our wildlife work group membership has extensive experience in the conservation of this species and are very interested …

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Yoyi Steele
Program & Policy Analyst
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
Madison, WI  53707

RE:  Comments on the Northeast Sands Regional Master Plan

August 12, 2019

Dear Ms. Steele,

Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation (WGF) supports the conservation legacy of Wisconsin by promoting science-based management of its natural resources. Our members have extensive experience in natural resource management, environmental law and …

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“Action is needed now.”

In expressing that urgent call to respond quickly to the Earth’s changing climate and its increasingly disruptive and destructive impacts, Dan Vimont captured in a few words the shared commitment of more than 300 Wisconsin residents attending a Nov. 8 Climate Fast Forward conference in Madison.

Vimont, director of the Nelson Institute’s Center …

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