How [your state name here] might avoid losing its deer herd to Chronic Wasting Disease like Wisconsin

WI Green Fire, March 12, 2021

Wisconsin, one of this continent’s premier deer hunting states, is on track to effectively lose its deer herd to Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in the coming decades. In this presentation given by Michael K. Foy and Thomas M. Hauge of Wisconsin’s Green Fire during the Southeast Deer Study Group Conference, they address how other states can address the critical situation by investing in their hunters, landowners, and small businesses to counter relentless CWD growth.

Key recommendations presented:

Maximize the benefits of your targeted removal programs by mobilizing the nation’s landowners and hunters in the battle to reduce the prevalence and slow disease spread. This will require a greater financial investment and a long management horizon.

Vigorously support efforts to quickly forge a national CWD control program to support state management efforts and surveillance needs. The level of management response needed to control CWD is too expensive for state fish and wildlife agencies and hunters alone to absorb.  The federal proposals being advanced thus far are insufficient to match the scale of the problems we confront.  At the state level, we should look to reinvest some of the economic benefits of the deer economy into the long-term health of our herds.

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