WGF Testimony to Natural Resources Board – Special July 30th Meeting on Deer Quotas and Hunting Seasons

WI Green Fire, July 30, 2020

Wisconsin NRB 07-30-2020

The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board held a special meeting on July 30th, 2020 to re-consider actions taken at their June 24th regular meeting.  The NRB had voted previously to amend the hunting season framework and quota levels for 11 northern Wisconsin Counties that were recommended by the Department and Wisconsin County Deer Advisory Councils. Action taken at the July 30th meeting reversed the board’s earlier actions for four northern counties.

Members of the WGF Wildlife and Forestry and Public Lands work group contributed to updated testimony to NRB members prior to their special meeting.

Excerpts from Our Testimony:

  • “Wisconsin’s Green Fire (WGF) applauds your decision to hold a special NRB meeting to address
    public concerns that arose following the NRB action of June 24th establishing the 2020 antlerless
    deer quotas and hunting seasons. You are Wisconsin’s most visible trustee of our natural
    resources and this action demonstrates that you have heard these concerns and want to take the
    time to discuss if further action is needed.


  • “There was inadequate time for all NRB members and Department staff to review
    the amendment and supporting analysis drafted by NRB member Kazmierski prior
    to the June 24th meeting.  This did not allow the impacted Board members and Department to conduct                                                                                                public consultation or analysis of the significant impacts that would result from these amendments.”


  • “The northern forest CDACs together with department staff examined the deer herd population data and
    determined that their harvest recommendations were biologically sound and consistent
    with the established population objectives. We support their conclusions.”


  • Published Wisconsin studies demonstrate there is ample and growing
    evidence that deer have, and are, negatively impacting the composition of tree species in
    our northern forest counties and are creating long term damage to forest productivity.


  • The slow, but steady, decline in deer hunter numbers as the
    baby boomer demographic ages out of active hunting also erodes our harvest capacity and
    will only make the already difficult job of deer management harder. This adds emphasis on
    the need for effective season structures.

Read our Full July 28th testimony here.   WGF’s NRB Special Mtg Letter July 28th 2020 Final

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