Our Vision

As a newly-formed organization, our plans include:

Connecting the public, media, and legislators to science:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire will help local units of government, nonprofit organizations, media, decision makers and citizens get the scientific information they need to address local and regional issues. The group will also be a source for those seeking experts who can and will take positions and bring scientific clarity and scrutiny to contentious and complicated environmental issues.

Advocating for a healthy and protected Wisconsin:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire advocates for long-term thinking in the management of Wisconsin’s natural resources.

Supporting conservation in Wisconsin and beyond:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire joins in coalitions with environmental and conservation advocacy groups and other organizations in support of our principles and mission.

Engaging the next generation of conservationists:
Wisconsin’s Green Fire builds a bridge from our conservation history to the future through outreach and mentoring to young and aspiring conservation professionals and youth in general.