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Opportunities Now: Creating a Shared Vision for Wolves in Wisconsin

This report provides a vision for the future of gray wolves (Canis lupus) in Wisconsin, and discusses the history, management, background, and provides detailed recommendations for new policies and practices to support successful wolf conservation.

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The Future is Now - Creating a 21st Century Energy Policy

Wisconsin needs an updated energy policy to reduce our dependence on a century-old and inefficient system built around large fossil-fueled power plants that use a regional transmission and distribution grid.  In this report, we lay out recommendations to help Wisconsin chart a path towards an energy system that is cleaner, more reliable, equitable, and increasingly decentralized with local generation and local ownership of power sources.

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Opportunities Now: PFAS - Forever Chemicals in Wisconsin  

This report provides a look into sources of exposure, health effects, and known releases of PFAS in Wisconsin, as well as state agency involvement.

Recommendations in the report point to improved environmental management of PFAS grounded in the latest science, methods to reduce exposure and devise clean up procedures for spills and environmental contamination.

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