Community Climate Resiliency



While state and federal governments play an essential role in developing climate policy, leading climate research, and delivering climate-focused resources, the on-the ground actions most needed to address climate change impacts will occur primarily at the community levelWith our deep expertise in conservation of natural resources, Wisconsin's Green Fire brings a unique capacity to address many of the primary climate risks and vulnerabilities experienced by rural communities.

MC Core Team Group at Korn Dam (small)
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WGF and partners launched our Monroe County Climate Readiness and Rural Economic Opportunity Assessment (CRREOA) in Monroe County, Wisconsin in May, 2021.

For this pilot project, we helped build a team of specialists and collaborators who together bring the skills and experience to help craft a 30-year vision for conservation and climate resilience.  Our project is being led by a 12-member Monroe County Core Team, complemented by more than 40 subject matter experts and county-based resource experts who contribute to help guide this project and create useful and actionable deliverables.  Collectively, our team reflects some of the best expertise in climate change in conservation and natural resources available in Wisconsin.  Our partner organizations include the following: