Northern Lakes Toolbox Workshop


Training Opportunity Piloted for Vilas and Oneida County Lake Association Leaders

Wisconsin’s Green Fire received two Wisconsin Surface Water Education Grants to pilot a new training program for lake association leaders. Begun with funding from the Arthur L and Elaine V Johnson Foundation, these new grants will allow WGF to hosting two workshops this summer and fall (2023) to refine the program.

Lake associations made up of citizen leaders often struggle to identify and implement the best approaches to protect lakes, especially without hiring costly consultants. This project is designed to train lake associations to identify and assemble the data necessary to identify watershed threats and areas of highest conservation need for their lakes and next steps for lake protection. Oneida and Vilas County’s Lakes and Rivers Associations are also sponsoring the program. WGF members, Dr. Mike Meyer and Jim Kreitlow, both with deep expertise in lake research and management, are leading the sessions.


For more information about the workshop email: Terry Daulton,

Photo credit Jeff Richter