Science Advisory CouncilMember

Stone Arch Bridge Minneapolis - November 2021

Jon Heinrich

Jon ended a thirty-six-year career at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in February 2010. During that time, he was in involved in the development of policies to implement state and federal laws and regulations addressing many air quality concerns including ground level ozone, particulates, sulfur dioxide, hazardous air pollutants, and acid deposition. Jon also led groups analyzing emerging issues including climate change, mercury contamination, and air toxics health risk assessment. 

Jon has participated in various international public health projects related to air pollution in the Czech Republic, Romania, and Ukraine. After retiring, he completed a global health certificate program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to gain a deeper understanding of the health issues and barriers to developing nations. Jon has represented Wisconsin on numerous regional and national groups developing strategies to address existing and emerging air quality issues, working to influence proposed regulations and policies.