Scientists form advocacy group “Wisconsin’s Green Fire”

James Rowen/The Political EnvironmentWI Green Fire, April 25, 2017

In the face of the Walker administration’s coordinated and ideological attack on sound science and conservation in Wisconsin – – long a theme on this blog – – there’s a hopeful new development I am happy to share

Dozens of Wisconsin experts have banded together in a non-profit entity together to speak up for science and respect for the land- – – to provide solid, non-partisan information and to offer assistance to groups and local governments with the legacy of the great Wisconsinite conservationist Aldo Leopold as the guiding light:

Under Governor Walker’s administration, budgets have been slashed for Wisconsin State Parks and public lands management, scientific research, the Wisconsin Natural Resources magazine, and the Wisconsin Environmental Education Board.

Scientific information on climate change has been scrubbed from Department of Natural Resources communications and restrictions on Department of Natural Resources staff have limited access to science at public hearings…responsible, science-based, long-term management practices are no longer welcome at the table.

In response to these threats, a group of retired and active Wisconsin scientists with experience from a wide range of institutions—including the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the University of Wisconsin, federal natural resource agencies, nonprofit environmental groups, research institutions, and the private sector—have established Wisconsin’s Green Fire…
The group takes its name from one of Aldo Leopold’s essay, “Thinking Like a Mountain”…

More information about Wisconsin’s Green Fire: Voices for Conservation, a website, and opportunities to join and/or contribute will be available in coming months. For information now, you can contact

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