Scope of NR 151 – State Rules for Agricultural Practices to Reduce Nitrate Pollution of Groundwater in Sensitive Areas

WI Green Fire, November 15, 2019

Farmers and NRCS in Lafayette County
Photo Courtesy USDA NRCS

On November 8, 2019, Wisconsin’s Green Fire submitted comments to the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) on the scope of rules related to agricultural practices to control groundwater nitrate pollution in sensitive areas. This is one element of state rules for Agricultural Performance Standards and Prohibitions (chapter NR 151, Wisconsin Administrative Code). Wisconsin’s Green Fire believes that revisions to NR 151 will spur agricultural nitrate management in key areas and start to address the most pervasive cause of unsafe drinking water. Wisconsin farm producers, conservationists, and community leaders have the skills and willingness to help solve one of our most challenging environmental problems. NR 151 revision is a key state policy to allow them to meet that challenge. As noted in the Scope Statement for the rule, farmers will need assistance to adopt the needed agricultural practices. That will include local county staffing expertise and sufficient cost-sharing funds for farmers to have a significant and positive impact on water quality. Wisconsin’s Green Fire is committed to the application of the best science and policy to improving water quality and is ready to assist the DNR to advance an effective rule.

You can download Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s comments at WGF NR151 scope comments 2019-11-8 final.

The Scope Statement for the rule is available at Look for item SS 077-19.

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