The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin: Now Back in Print!

Carolyn Pralle, May 8, 2024

For too long, The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin was out of print.

Not anymore! Wisconsin’s Green Fire has succeeded in reviving The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin as a paperback series. Chapters are available for purchase from Amazon! 

Click here for more information and chapter links.

The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin provides a compendium of ecological, social, and economic information about Wisconsin’s 16 distinct ecological landscapes. Land and water conservation planners, property managers, natural resources administrators, researchers, educators, and private landowners now have a comprehensive reference to help identify, prioritize, and sustain Wisconsin’s ecological resources.

Combining richly detailed text with beautiful photographs and maps, The Ecological Landscapes of Wisconsin is a must-have book for conservationists and all who love Wisconsin’s lands and waters. It also makes for great gifts!

By purchasing this book, you are also helping to support science-based conservation in Wisconsin.

A portion of the purchase proceeds will benefit Wisconsin’s Green Fire.

Thank you to WGF Science Council member Jerry Bartelt for leading this effort!

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