WGF Sponsors Deer Dumpsters to Slow Spread of Chronic Wasting Disease

WI Green Fire, November 1, 2021

Deer credit Jerry Davis

As deer hunting season begins in Wisconsin, Wisconsin’s Green Fire is working to help slow the spread of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD). CWD is the biggest threat to Wisconsin’s deer herds and cherished deer hunting heritage, spreading to 45 counties since first detected in Wisconsin in 2002. One way to slow this spread is providing designated deer dumpsters where hunters can safely dispose of deer carcasses. Since 2019, WGF has partnered with the Sauk County Conservation Alliance and the Wisconsin DNR to provide dumpsters, and in 2020 these dumpsters captured an estimated 14.4 tons of CWD-infected deer waste. 

In 2021, WGF and the Alliance are providing five dumpsters, and WGF is sponsoring two in Baraboo and Plain. Our work includes working with local authorities to find a suitable location for the dumpster, publicizing the locations , arranging for dumpster delivery, monitoring the usage, and arranging for the dumpster disposal and replacement.  In total, it costs about $5 for each deer carcass deposited in the dumpster.

With additional funding, we would like to increase the availability of the dumpsters to other areas to help capture an increased percentage of the CWD-contaminated deer waste. If you are interested in donating to support this cause, please visit our GoFundMe page to make a secure donation.

With your support, WGF will be able to provide proper carcass disposal at both dumpster locations, and continue our educational efforts with decision-makers, hunters, and outdoor users to improve Wisconsin’s response to this

WGF Wildlife Work Group co-chair Tom Hauge with a banner for the WGF sponsored dumpsters.

WGF is sponsoring two dumpsters in 2021. The Baraboo dumpster is located at the City of Baraboo wastewater treatment facility at 1000 Manchester Street. The Plain dumpster is located behind the Town of Franklyn Garage at 550 Main Street.

disease. Make sure to read WGF’s July 2021 Meeting Wisconsin’s Deer Conservation Challenges Opportunities Now Report that advocates for a revision of Wisconsin’s 2010 CWD Response Plan, prioritizing state policies that reduce disease prevalence, slow disease spread and rapidly respond to new detections. WGF will continue to advocate for policy and on-the-ground efforts to protect Wisconsin’s treasured deer herd.

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