Wisconsin’s Green Fire urges participation in Conservation Spring Hearings April 11-14th

WI Green Fire, March 3, 2022

Photo: Bureau of Land Management (CC BY 2.0)
Photo: Bureau of Land Management (CC BY 2.0)

This spring, the Wisconsin Conservation Congress (WCC) and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) will hold the 2022 Spring Hearings virtually, allowing the public to submit comments on natural resource policy decisions via an online survey from April 11th at 7pm until April 14th at 7pm. Survey results will help inform the WCC’s position on policy decisions during its full body convention in May, and results from this convention will be forwarded as an advisement to the Natural Resources Board (NRB). The WCC’s position often heavily influences how the WDNR, NRB, and Legislative committees treat the issues.

The WCC and WDNR developed a list of questions that include many priority issues for Wisconsin’s Green Fire. Example question topics include deer management and Chronic Wasting Disease (#5, #8 and #9), PFAs regulations (#11 and #12), a state wolf population goal of 350 (#29), the use of dogs to hunt wolves (#44), wildlife killing contests (#35 and #45), PFAS, and fishing bag limits. Click here to view the questions, and here for Frequently Asked Questions about providing input virtually.

Wisconsin’s Green Fire is dedicated to providing the best available science to inform natural resource policy decisions in Wisconsin. The Spring Hearing questions provide an opportunity for concerned citizens to provide input on many important policy decisions, particularly regarding gray wolf management and a state wolf population goal.

For further context, please read WGF’s statement on the February 2022 Federal re-listing of gray wolves in Wisconsin, and WGF’s Opportunities Now reports Meeting Wisconsin’s Deer Management Challenges and PFAS – Forever Chemicals in Wisconsin.

Read the Spring Hearing questions here, and remember to submit your feedback beginning on Monday April 11th.

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