Working Together, Working Better: 2019 Wisconsin’s Green Fire Annual Meeting

Jim PerryWI Green Fire, September 23, 2019

Good organizations have a heart and soul. The heart keeps it going but the soul is what keeps it spiritually alive.

Wisconsin’s Green Fire’s heart may be the dozens of volunteers who make up the work groups and committees and our few dedicated staff, but our members are the soul.

It’s all too infrequent that the heart and soul have opportunity to come together, and that opportunity should never be missed.

WGF wants you to be part of the discussion at our third Annual Membership Meeting, Oct. 4-5 at Treehaven. The planning committee has been very intentional to make sure that everyone can be actively involved in the weekend. We will learn of the Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission’s perspective on conservation; have a [human] dialogue about grey wolves and then engage them [wolves] directly in a howling session with renowned wolf biologist Adrian Wydeven; talk and make decisions about the direction of WGF; discuss ways to spread the word about our organization; and … just plain have a good time with like-minded people in a gorgeous setting at a beautiful time of the year.

Please, join us. Learn more about the meeting and register today. We value your input. The heart needs the soul and vice versa.

Jim Perry is Vice President of Wisconsin’s Green Fire

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